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Jiyeon dan Aku masih dalam tahap mengenal satu sama lain. Perdana Sejak Kabar Pacaran, Jiyeon Curhat Soal Lee Dong Gun Nih Park Han Byul Putus Dari Pacar Baru, Gara-Gara Se7en?Meski dia jauh lebih muda dariku, dia begitu bijak dan berhati-hati, itu lah yang menjadi sumber kekuatanku, sampai-sampai aku tak merasakan perbedaan usia kami. Aku tahu tak banyak yang memberikan dukungan pada kami saat ini. Aku percaya semua ini merupakan takdir jadi aku tak meragukannya. Saat Jiyeon T-Ara Baru Pacaran, Soyeon Lalui 5 Tahun Nggak Jomblo [FOTO] Kencan Romantis Rain & Kim Tae Hee, So Sweet!Even if they haven’t worked together so we know nothing about their chemistry–and besides, onscreen chemistry may be misleading.

“I was interested in the people and their psychological motivations.

On the other hand, those couplings we didn’t see coming may surprise us.

That’s what exactly happened when news broke out that Won Bin and Lee Na-young were dating.

Indeed he has drawn on his background with this melodramatic and Chinese audiences flocked to see the film last week as it opened at the top of the local office.

At the recent Toronto International Film Festival, I interviewed the director and Korean actor Jang Dong-gun as well as China's Ziyi Zhang, who hoped there might be a wide audience for their unique telling of the story which was adapted by the bi-lingual Yan Geling.


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