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In the early years, it had simply been encrypted queries hidden in radio broadcasts. There were clues, interviews with The Man's fellow-travelers, pointers in a half-dozen contradictory directions: The Man was alone now and heading still farther away; The Man had died before the search ever began; The Man had a war fleet and was coming back upon them.

With time, there was some consistency to the most credible stories.

Spore-borne life spreads quickly, torn apart in the storms to sprout again and again.

In the first years, higher animals may poke their snouts from deepnesses, may try to gain advantage with an early taking of territory, but it is a deadly business.

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Like any close relationship, the therapeutic relationship works through a combination of good fit, luck, and lots of hard work.

On a personal note, I will always be grateful to Poul and Karen Anderson for the hospitality that they showed a certain young science-fiction writer back in the 1960s. Davidson, Bob Fleming, Leonard Foner, Michael Gannis, Jay R. I am very grateful to James Frenkel for the wonderful job of editing he has done with this book and for his timely insight on problems with the earlier drafts.

Hill, Eric Hughes, Sharon Jarvis, Yoji Kondo, Cherie Kushner, Tim May, Keith Mayers, Mary Q. This novel takes place thousands of years from now.

The "birth of the new world" is so violent that the metaphor is strained. And yet, after the third or fourth year, there are occasional breaks in the storms.

Avalanches and steam surges become rare, and plants can survive from year to year.


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