Adult community dating

She knows her community members well and explains that romantic interests exists between community members and says that people usually fall into either the ‘yes, I am interested’ category or the other ‘not interested, already done that, happy to be single’ category.Romance and dating sites, meeting groups, couples forums and other similar sites teem with historical data about couple who first met during university or through work or family, even later via their children’s friends after a divorce, through children’s school activities and so on.Even single residents of assisted living facilities frequently meet a romantic interest and pair up.But there are also reasons for seniors in retirement communities to be cautious about starting an intimate relationship.

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Dating can be a tricky matter at any age, but there are a few special challenges for active adults in their 50s and beyond.

Having an empty nest means less chances to meet single adults through parenting functions, and moving into retirement can make it even harder to meet new people.

By the 1990s nearly 40% of the women 65 and above were living alone compared to only 15% of men of similar age.

In 2014, this percentage stood at slightly over 30% for older women compared to nearly 20% of men aged 65 as living alone. What can they do then, to meet people for friendship, for dating and romance ?


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