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The Foundation was established 10 years ago in honour of Ruth and John Tulloch, the Jamaican grandparents of the Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Bachelor and President, Christina Bachelor.

I had never heard of it and this guy was recommended and totally hot.Ketchum co-founder Kevin Abrams said of the new alliance: “We think we’ve done just that by partnering with Tony Valenzuela and Black Box TV. He embodies the entrepreneurial creative voice that will help us to re-invent content and how it gets to a 21 Find below the descriptions for the highly unusual but intriguing new projects: “Villisca” focuses on the paranormal repercussions of what many consider to be the most horrifying unsolved murders in the United States.Now used as a tourist destination, the Villisca Axe Murder House has terrified visitors from around the world and is considered one of the most haunted houses in America.By Bristol Baughan I spent most of my life thinking that being tough, requiring little sleep, working 24/7 and being unemotional were bad-ass signs of being evolved.Until, of course, that way of thinking stopped working and my will and ambition-flavored energy dried up.“The experience was one of the scariest in my life and this movie gives me the chance to finally share this story with the public.” “Fight of the Living Dead” will follow six top You Tube stars as they attempt to survive the first 24-hours of a highly simulated Zombie Apocalypse.


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