Uncensored cams

Trooper Keith Burch was also seriously injured in the crash. Vincent has seen the 25 minute long dash-cam video all the way through the fatal crash."As far as describing the scene or the video, there are no words for it," said Lt. "It's one that I wish I wouldn't have had to have watched," Lt. It starts out with Trooper Keith Burch pulling up to the scene of an overturned semi on I-40.The clip shows a "possessed" baby and is filmed on a night-vision nanny-cam.The footage quickly went viral after being uploaded about two weeks ago.Some websites can only be connected to at certain time intervals.

The caption of the video "Possessed Baby Crib Surfing — Incredible Balance" reads: "Caught on Nanny cam in the middle of the night."No children were harmed.

This is not my child in the video." The child's parents have been identified as Chuck and Kate Booth who have said: "America, the video is real".

They claimed they did not think their baby was "possessed" but cannot explain what happened.

Her attorney, Scott Wood, told the Times that Shelby thought Crutcher had a weapon.

He also said Crutcher “had acted erratically, refused to comply with several orders, tried to put his hand in his pocket and reached inside his car window before he was shot.” Wood told the Tulsa World the incident began about two minutes before the dashcam video started.


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