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Even though we've come a long way in our journey to sexual empowerment, many women still have a stigma attached to masturbation: It's a private activity that is certainly not talked about, let alone performed in front of another person, so I don't blame you for feeling a bit self-love-shy.

Yes, giving your partner a front row seat to such an intimate experience might feel a bit intimidating at first.

Hard to Get: In the chapter entitled "Catwalking & Starf**king" Robertson remembers her days and nights frolicking around Hollywood with hot actors like Adrian Grenier.

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The "sexually repressed" 15-year-old became aroused by love scenes she used to tape for future viewing, confessing "when half-naked people hooked up on one summer evening that sent me over the edge…I put my hand down south and went to town."And she didn't let up, adding more TMI, "emboldened by my erotic discovery, I masturbated every night for the next—well forever…I was paddling the pink canoe so much my hand was getting cramped."2.

While posing for an ad for Jessica Simpson's hair extensions line, the working model met the "With You" singer soon after her split with Nick Lachey.

*My boyfriend and I have a great sex life, but there is one thing that keeps popping up.

Here’s what we learned about Kendrick’s experiences with money, sex, and Twilight after reading the memoir.

We look forward to a whole batch of exciting new stories in Scrappy Slightly Larger Somebody, out sometime around the release of Pitch Perfect 23.


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