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We figured the more answers we got, the more we would learn about the “other side” of marriage. We wanted to hear from Now, before I reveal the answers – I just have to say how much we’ve enjoyed putting this post together.We seriously loved getting to read all of the “secret” thoughts of our husbands and have learned so much. Sometimes we act full of ourselves because we're insecure. We have fears of going bald, gaining weight, or winding up with penis problems. We can count the number of times we've done it on one hand, and it's rare that guys will pass on an orgasm, but sometimes it's better than mumbling, "I have whisky dick," and passing out.4. We're not trying to put pressure on you to come, but we want to do our best to help you get there. Think of it as the "holding the door open for you" of your vagina.5. If you had a urine hose attached to your pelvis, you'd take advantage of it too.6.

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Being around the dad of the woman you're having sex with would put anyone on edge.

We'd never talk about it out loud, but it bothers us.8. We might not be wired to act schmoopy all the time, but that doesn't mean we're not into you.

Not everyone wants to hold hands while they rollerblade through the park or whatever passes for romantic in 2014.

If guys didn't want to get married, they wouldn't spend years falling deeply in love with you and then propose.9.

We know we spend our alone time doing stupid stuff, but we like stupid stuff.


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