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Despite the struggle of coming to terms with her own diagnosis, Jules repeatedly displays an inner strength and determination to cope.Appearing on camera shortly after she found the lump below her nipple, Jules spoke about the discovery in a matter-of-fact way.Instead of quitting the show, Jules, a mother of two young sons, made the brave decision to continue allowing a camera crew to follow herself and her family as they faced the journey through her diagnosis, surgery and treatment.

Equipped with the skills of the foremost academic and military minds, Joe is recruited by the World Intelligence Network (WIN) and, as its "Most Special Agent", pursues the objective of world peace and saving human life.

Young single men are fuelling the rise in cat ownership, according to a recent survey.

Dogs may traditionally be a man's best friend, but the number of pet cat's in Britain has now reached eight million - a rise of 500,000 in the past year alone.

Their final puppet series, The Secret Service, used this process only in combination with extensive live-action filming.

As in the case of its antecedent, Captain Scarlet, the puppets of Joe 90 are of natural proportions as opposed to the more caricatured design of the characters of Thunderbirds.


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