Updating excel from the web

Or, to stop editing and view the workbook in Display mode, click Stop Editing.

This displays the Web Part that you configured to use its associated workbook on the page.

You can download this Excel workbook to see a sample implementation of these techniques.

To demonstrate the process, we're going to start with a simple Web query using Yahoo! This is a great example because the data we're interested in is presented in a plain, tabular format.

As a final step, you can customize the Web Part by selecting properties in the Excel Web Access tool pane for the Web Part.Another advantage is that the URL contains the stock symbol (GOOG, in this case), so it will be easy to manipulate via a VBA macro, and it has little confusing information in it.Finally, this Web query doesn't put important information in images or through links.Now your spreadsheet can be embedded in any page or post in Word Press. Read more We have also introduced a new E-mail address widget with automatic validation of e-mail addresses.Just insert this widget into a cell and you can be sure every e-mail address you get follows the rules!You can display an Excel workbook on a dashboard or other site page by connecting the workbook to an Excel Web Access Web Part.


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